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OMG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tell me about the OMG Pickleball Club?

Click here to learn more about our Club.

Tell me about OMG membership.

Our membership is a one-year "rolling" membership, meaning the one-year membership period starts the day your payment is processed. The yearly membership fee is $25.   

How do I join the OMG Pickleball Club?
To join our Club as a new member, click the Join Our Club menu, and then select New Member Signup. Click here for signup and payment instructions.

I submitted the New Membership Signup Form, but I still cannot log into ClubExpress. Why not?
Before you are marked as an "Active" member, your payment must be completely processed. Typically, people who pay for membership via a credit card are automatically processed, and there is no delay in indicating the person is an active member.

If you are paying by check, your membership status is not marked as "Active" until your check is deposited and the Club's Membership Director updates your status to "Active".

The New Member Signup Guide explains in more detail what happens under each payment option.

Where and when does OMG play pickleball?

Click here to view the play locations and times.


What do I need to get started playing pickleball with OMG?

Wear comfortable athletic clothing and court shoes. Bring a paddle and a smile. Balls are furnished by the OMG Club. In some instances, a paddle may be available for your use.


How is pickleball played?

Click here to learn how to play the game.

Where can I buy paddles and other pickleball equipment?

Click here to view other resources for purchasing paddles and equipment.