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The One More Game Pickleball is proud to begin the Summer 2024 Season with the power of DUPR and SWISH.

You can now combine the power of the Dynamic Universal Ratings System with SWISH, the best mobile matchmaking app.
Add your DUPR account I.D. to your Swish account and begin playing free rated games.

The use of your DUPR account I.D. on Swish is optional. You can also use Swish for unrated games.

The Most Accurate Rating

Any time you log a match in DUPR, it contributes to your most accurate performance rating - allowing you to get matched for competition or casual play alike.

Measure Performance

Historical data and analytics allow you to see how far you’ve come as a player, and where you can go.

Connect With Players

Easily find players and events to play. Follow your friends progress and coordinate open play, events, or training sessions.


Tired of the crazy group texts with 50+ people and after trying to organize your 2 courts of pickleball, the only thing you know for sure is that everyone is going to donuts at SideCar afterward!

Swish can fix that! Simply create a game, enter the basic details, invite your group of people and everyone is notified of a game with 8 spots on the set date/time/location. Your friends can grab the open spots and when all 8 are full, the others interested can only join the waitlist (they’ll be notified automatically if a spot opens up –you don’t have to do a thing!!).

With Swish, you can set an exact number of players, have an automated waitlist, see who’s in, who’s not, who hasn’t responded, and remind them to respond, in one click. An auto-generated game feed creates a text sub-group for just those playing (no unnecessary texts).